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Someone was escorted out last night at work, and it was hard to see.  Lord, I ask for peace and comfort for those that need it.  May all involved feel your presence and love.



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Lord, I ask for peace and rest for those involved in this painful tragedy where a young girl lost her life.  I have no idea if Casey Anthony is guilty, but you know where each is at in this scenario.  Bring peace, beauty, and repentance to those that need it.


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I like this a lot


I think I might have found a new platform to get away from Facebook


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I got up early to go walking this morning.  I hope to do this every other day to increase my exercise and keep my accountable to eating well.  Biggest thing is making sure I snack well while at work.  This is doable!

Reading Again—random Monday edition

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Found the youversion app this past week, and I am loving it.  One of the hardest things for me to continue is devotional reading, and this is helping…even though the devotions have a major conservative bent.

Tired from a great weekend, (Legoland and Swim Lessons and a son that is sensitive these days)…hope he is not getting sick or responding to the new baby on the way…totally normal though.


Pumped for some softball tonight

Grace for Those that Appear to Hate Me

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So, I am a little amazed that this blog still exists.  I mean come on Word Press, can you not purge some inactive stuff?

Anywho, I have been thinking a lot about grace and patience for those that do nothing but hate and insult.  This comes up from a player I umpire for on occasion.  For some reason this guy has chosen to hate me, and he lets it show with his behavior.  I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I call a tight game and call him on his antics, but he really just chooses to act like a child even to the detriment of his own team.  On the way home from the game last night it got me thinking…I have no idea what past pain and brokenness he brings to that field.  All I can do is embrace the love and peace that has been given to me through Christ, and then I can hope to pass it on.  Of course, I need to recognize that I am broken too, and I am in just as much need as love and grace as he is.

But dang he can make it be such a pain some times.

Thank Goodness

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Well, it is wonderful that the son was found.  However, I gotta ask…if you are at a wedding and see some guy getting tanked, why do you let him leave with a kid to go and drive a car?  Come on people, step it up a bit.